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Why SEO Is Important For Website Design and Development

Online searches are gaining popularity as people are turning to the internet for everything. This is why SEO is such an important factor in website design and development. The past three decades have seen the use of the internet growing and it does not seem to be stopping any time soon. From searching to movie ticket availability to making a purchase, booking appointments and so much more, people are turning to the internet for everything.

The businesses must have a presence, that too, in the top ranks to attract customers, since it has become quite common for customers to search before making a buy.

Before buying a product, customers make dozens of searches and if the businesses are not on top or even in the first few pages, the chances of the business entirely vanishing are very high. When users look for a product using a keyword, the business needs to be visible to them for it to be profitable.

Do you remember how many times have you even opened the 2nd page on a search engine like Google? No, right? The reason is we always think that the top pages are going to be shown on the first page of the search engine and this is the case.

So, when planning to market and promote a business, a sum of money has to be invested in SEO and web designing, especially with the advent of technology and with the innumerable advantages technology has given the world.

Why SEO is Important?

Basic SEO

There is just so much that goes into SEO. A very important point to keep in mind is that companies need to be mobile-friendly. Because most of the search engine work is carried out on mobile phones by the user. This involves ensuring that the content users are looking for is seconds away and the text or images must not be too small.

Search engine optimization needs to be carried out in a balanced way; visually appealing items such as pictures or headings should be added along with fewer keywords. If there are too many keywords, it is identified as spam.

Only focusing on graphics is one of the biggest mistakes developers make. The webpage must be rich in content too. Too many graphics can reduce the loading time of the website and hence result in an unhappy user.

It is important to develop a content strategy, which itself answers the questions as to what the user needs. Understanding the business strategies allows the web developer to develop a set of keywords that are related to each other and most likely to be searched by the user.

Indexing is really important if websites and web pages need to be on top. Otherwise, it is longer to load the search engine and the user occasionally loses his patience. Indexing, reviewing and updating is necessary for the web pages to be in the top ranking.

8 Benefits of SEO and Website Design and Development

1. Reach Out to Customers

A major goal to be achieved when a business is established is to grow more in terms of clients. This can be achieved by proper web designing and development. The first thing it does is put out the brand name on the World Wide Web which means the business becomes globally known.

Once you are on the internet, how are you going to ensure that traffic comes to your website? Moreover, how can you be sure that the people who are viewing your page are going to turn into potential customers?

How can this be possible? You do this by focusing on the features, processes, imagery, style elements and text that attracts the target audience. For this, you need to know who the target audience is.

If you are targeting the youth, try to include colors and visuals. Also, you will need to target certain special websites like TikTok, Instagram etc. On the other hand, if your target is the retired audience, you will stress more on the functionality and features of the product/service you are offering instead of the visual elements.

2. Easy Navigation

With great power, comes great responsibility and that in web development is developing more user-friendly web pages. No one wants to try to figure out how to operate the page. If they think it is complicated, they will not waste time figuring it out, they will skip to the next page in line.

The content must be easy to access and the web pages should have the ability to load faster. They must contain further options to make navigation easier. The best feature on a web page is the availability of a search box, where the user can define what he is looking for and is directed to the required section. A web developer must even remove bugs from the website so it is easier to load the web page.

A website can be SEO optimized per still end up confusing the customers. Have you ever gone on a page that had a different layout once you click on a feature? For instance, the homepage has one layout and when you go to the blog section, the outlook of the website changes?

It is important to provide a seamless experience to the customers. Consistency is the key along with user-friendliness. The website should be designed in a way that it leads the customers through the contents and lets them glide through stuff. There is no extra stuff, no distractions, nothing. The price, contents, features, cart, everything should be visible and easy to navigate to.

3. Effect of Visual Content


Imagine having to buy a product without having the option to look at the picture of the product? How would you feel if you have to read blocks and blocks of text without having any picture in it? Don’t you feel bored? Sleepy? Tired? Yes, this is the case.

There is no doubt that pictures and videos capture the interest of the readers, and users may spend more time on the webpage. However, excessive use of images and videos makes it difficult for the user to understand it. So, the amount of text and images should be kept balanced.

4. Effective Sales

Businesses are all about making profits and better sales. Businesses are so advanced nowadays that even transactions are made online on web pages. This means that there is a high rise in the number of online customers.

The website should always have room for updates for better effective sales which shows the business’s dedication towards their customers. This can be achieved by well-managed optimization.

5. Attract Lifetime Clients

For any business to grow, it is important to have a set of loyal customers who are going to bring profits to the business especially when it is growing or undergoing a period of change. It is very difficult because usually, the business owners opt for poor tactics to achieve this. However, developing and designing a website by SEO can be quite effective in this manner.

It can be achieved by either highlighting the loyal customers on their web pages or by rewarding them with vouchers and rewards for the sake of building loyal customers. A very fine example would be Careem which is an online transport application and gives credits to the users every time they use the application, resulting in a reduction in prices, which benefits both the business and the customers.

6. User Engagement

User engagement involves getting feedback and queries and responding to them on time. It also allows the previous users to be the first ones to know of the promotions or any updates on the products that the business is offering. SEO provide businesses with such a facility.

7. Higher Conversion Rate

True, attracting people to your website is important. But, the more important thing is to “seal the deal” right? You don’t just want people to come, visit your website and leave without buying anything. If done right, SEO optimization can also act as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

As already mentioned, SEO website design lets you guide the customer through the website. There are links for this. The internal links guide the customer to other parts of the website.

Another concept is micro-conversion. These are the little that helps make the website more interesting. These involve the following.

SEO conversion circle

8. Get the Right Attention

Word of mouth can make or break a business. If someone has had a good experience with your website, they will tell others and leave a positive review. This helps to give your website a positive image and the SEO plays a major role in it.


Now that you know what SEO is, you can utilize it to gain more organic traffic and convert potential customers into actual customers. SEO is just not how you publish content. It is all about increasing the user-friendliness, speed of the website and its security. If you want to learn more about an easy-to-use wordpress beginners guide, check out our latest article here.

When done right, you will get better traffic, higher conversions and an optimized website. When people spend more, you get higher profits.

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