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By using our own distribution network, we were able to test and mature our operating procedures to ensure that our working methodology could work with you.

We tested our theory on ourselves to ensure you get the best experience possible.

This platform was built and deployed on microservices to ensure the platform is easy to scale up. By using a hybrid cloud service (AWS and GCP) we were able to leverage strong points from each provider.
Our team of highly skilled designers and project managers worked with our partners to create a beautiful and cohesive website for our own company.

AI-Powered Platform Builder

A next generation product requires next generation technologies. With the help of our forward thinking team members, we helped create a new social learning platform that is powered by AI to inspire thousands of people to better themselves.
In this project, we used Natural Language Processing (NLP) to meta-tage and catalog all uploaded content. Not only that, we were able to integrate AI to be able to recommend exercises, auto-generate excercise content, and even add a human touch to a chatbot.

Frontend: ReacJs – Backend: Python Django
Messaging: RabbitMQ – Containers Orchestra: ECS

Artificial Intelligence with Auto Ml, self-built models Deployed on: GCE, Cloud Function, Cloud Run


This future leader in the smart home device industry provides thier users with smart devices to enhance their home. This client needed a website to reflect their standards and attract users. We implemented analytics to manage their data and also provided their website with a nice futuristic touch.
Frontend: ReactJS, VueJS – Backend: Drupal

HQD Australia

A small business with big dreams. By using WooCommerce, we were able to help them become more self-sufficient and give more control of their business back to them.


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