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Entrepreneurs who are starting an online store need to consider several things. Product development and marketing planning, for example, take time and effort. By connecting WooCommerce to your WordPress site, adding eCommerce functionality won’t be an issue.

WooCommerce: The Ultimate Online E-Commerce Platform

WordPress offers a free plugin called WooCommerce that is simple. As a result, WordPress can be easily converted into a fully functional eCommerce store. The reason why it’s free and open-source is the same as WordPress. This plugin is the most widely used WordPress theme for eCommerce.

Setup and configuration are easy

The setup process is quick and easy. Most people want to have it up and running within an hour. Your current design or theme will be compatible with this plugin – you do not need to change the look of your site. The list above could be continued; however, let us say that it gives you everything you could ever need to build a high-quality eCommerce store with WordPress.

Are you interested in starting your online store? When you are unfamiliar with technology, we understand how terrifying it can be to think about building an online store.

But you’re by no means alone in your struggles. Due to our experience helping hundreds of users create online stores with WordPress, we decided to create a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you do the same.

New Online Business is Easier to Start than Ever Before

There are no special skills required for the process, which takes a few minutes. It doesn’t require special skills for anyone to perform this.

Establishing an online store requires the following requirements:

  • As a domain name, your online store’s name (e.g. should be considered.
  • To make websites work, you will need a hosting web account (where your website lives).

Steps to Open up Your E-commerce Store

With WordPress, creating an online store takes less than 30 minutes. To set up your store, follow these instructions:

1. Creating the Online Store Platform

Choosing the wrong platform for an online store is the biggest mistake most users make.

It’s a good thing you’re here so that you won’t make that same mistake. You can choose between Shopify or WordPress + WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform.
Best CMS for Making Website

When paying upfront for Shopify (monthly or annually), you can get a discount. There is no hassle in using this service, and you can start selling as soon as you sign up. Shopify has the drawback of being quite expensive to use and has limited payment options without paying additional fees.

Among users, WordPress + WooCommerce is the most popular choice due to its flexibility. The initial setup is time-consuming, but the long-term benefits are great. Comparing Shopify vs WooCommerce shows how popular WordPress is and how big WooCommerce is as an eCommerce platform.
How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your ECommerce Store
An eCommerce store requires a domain name, web hosting, and an SSL certificate.

You can find your domain name in the address bar of your browser. Typically, users will type this into their browsers (for example, or to access your website.

The hosting company will host your eCommerce website for free. You can think of it as your online home. All websites require web hosting.

SSL certificates add a second layer of security to your website by allowing you to accept sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

Your eCommerce site must have an SSL certificate to accept credit card payments.
Costs for domain names, web hosting, and SSL certificates are usually around $14.99 / year, $7.99 / month, and $69.99 / year, respectively.

2. Configuring WordPress

You may be offered help setting up your WordPress website when you log in for the first time.

Choose the “I don’t need help” link if you don’t need assistance. 

It is now time to use your WordPress site.

Setting up your WordPress site title and description begins by visiting the Settings » General page.

Put your store name as the title of your site and describe your business in a catchy way. There is no requirement for a description, so don’t be worried if you don’t have one right away.

How to Set up HTTPS to Use SSL

You received a free SSL certificate with your WordPress hosting package. You can apply for an additional certificate if necessary. If you want to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, you will need to configure your WordPress site.

To use HTTPS instead of HTTP, you need to change the WordPress Address and Site Address on the Settings » General page.

You are now done setting up a base version of WordPress. The next step is to install the online store.

3. Configuring WooCommerce for Your Store

Online store builders such as WooCommerce are the best available today. Based on WordPress, it offers unlimited flexibility with the freedom to sell any product you want.

You need to activate the WooCommerce plugin after it has been installed. To find out more, read the instructions for installing a WordPress plugin 

Search for WooCommerce on the Plugins » Add New page. Select the Install Now button for the WooCommerce listing in the search results.

Plugins for WooCommerce will now be downloaded and installed by WordPress. To continue, click ‘Activate’ after it finishes downloading the plugin.

The setup wizard will open up as soon as you activate WooCommerce, and the Welcome to WooCommerce screen will appear. Follow the instructions on this screen as you set up WooCommerce.

In the first step toward creating an online store, you must provide your address, country, and region. Let’s move to the next step by clicking the Continue button. From the list of industries, choose the one that best fits your goals.

4. Your Online Store - How to Setup Payments

After setting up payment methods, you’ll be able to accept online payments from your store. There are many payment gateways available within WooCommerce.

Then, click on the ‘Payments‘ tab, which can be found on the WooCommerce » Settings page. In addition to PayPal Standard, customers can also opt to pay by cash on delivery, checks, or bank transfers.

5. How to List Products to an Online Store

The Add New page under Products is where you can add a new product.

Start with a title, then provide a detailed description of your product.

There is a box labelled ‘Product Categories’ on the right-hand column. Create a product category by clicking ‘+Add New Products Category’. Your customers can sort and browse products more easily this way.

Publish the product information on your website once you are satisfied with all the information you have entered.

If you want to list more products, repeat the process.

6. Theme Selection and Customization

Your WordPress site’s theme determines how it appears to the user. They are also responsible for how your products are displayed in a WooCommerce store.

WordPress themes are available for free and for sale and will help you create a beautiful online presence.

There are, however, many WordPress themes that are not best suited for eCommerce stores. Our selection of WooCommerce themes includes some of the best available.

You can customize the appearance of a WooCommerce theme once it has been installed.

To do this, click on Appearance » Customize. The theme customizer will open so you can make any changes you need. Integrate plugins into your online store

Using plugins and extensions, you can easily add new features to your website with WooCommerce and WordPress.

These provide the functionality of an app on your website. Thousands are available for free and for a fee. There are over 58,000 plugins available on the plugin library alone.

It is, however, difficult for beginners to choose the correct plugins due to this abundance of choices.

Best plugins to Power up Your E-commerce Store


You can increase the speed of your store with the use of other WordPress plugins.
Here’s what you should get:


Secure, backup, speed, and grow your WordPress site.

Yoast SEO plugin in Woocommerce

Improve the on-page and off-page SEO of your products and other areas of your eCommerce store. Improves the search engine optimization of your whole site.

WooCommerce Multilingual

Run a fully multilingual WooCommerce site.

Contact Form 7 or WPForms

Get in touch with your visitors.

Overview of Using WooCommerce to Run an Online Store


WordPress isn’t a particularly difficult platform for building an eCommerce store, although the steps above will still take some time.

The fact that something similar could have cost north of $5,000 just ten years ago makes it all the more impressive. Everything can now be done on your own!

With the help of other WordPress plugins, you can increase your store’s speed and data loading.

  1. Yoast SEO for WordPress

Optimizes your entire website for search engines and social media.

  1. MonsterInsights

 Add Google Analytics to your WordPress site.

  1. iThemes Security

Your website will be more secure with these presets.

  1. W3 Total Cache

Improve website speed by caching.

Final Words

Due to the various tools available in today’s online world, you can create a shop within a couple of hours. If there are many similar stores, it requires a great deal of effort to differentiate your store.

Don’t stop tweaking your store so that your visitors will become buyers. The success of your online presence and e-commerce endeavours are closely linked to the effectiveness of your in-store conversion and online promotion strategies.

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