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Simplicity, convenience, speed, security, reliability – are just some of the things people look for not only in their personal lives, but also in the mobile apps they are using.  Out of all the apps, on-demand app usage and demand is on the rise.

Life has become fast-paced. A student, stay-at-home-parent, businessman, job holder, investor etc, all have one thing in common – lack of time. Ask anyone around you and they will tell you how difficult taking out time is from their busy schedule.

People are looking for ways to make life easier. No one wants to go out and stand in a long queue at the grocery shop or wait for their turn in the long line at the drive-through to. So, they are turning to on­demand apps to get their things for them.

After the pandemic, people who were reluctant to use these apps have also started using them. Because of the convenience the apps offer, people will not be going back to conventional apps for sure.

But, what are on demand apps all about? Let’s take a look!

What are On Demand Mobile Applications?

Have you ever craved for pizza and don’t want to go out to get one? Did the milk just finish and you don’t feel like getting up and visiting the store JUST for a carton of milk? On-demand apps are an answer to all these problems. Pick your smartphone, open the grocery app and order just the carton of milk. Yup, that is JUST what you have to do, nothing else.

As the name suggests, these apps are built to fill up the gap between the customer and the product/service they wish for. Basically, it acts as a bridge between the wants of the customers and the customers.

The need for these apps arises because people want everything to happen in a matter of seconds. They don’t want to spend time searching for things, comparing prices and going through the hassle of ordering.  All they want is a click of a button and the products/service should be made available. This is the underlying idea of these apps.

From the developer’s point of view, the cost of developing these applications is not very high. So, it is a good startup venture to consider. Even though it is a fairly affordable startup, once it is established, it can be big. Amazon, Uber, Food Panda, Urban Clap are just some of the well-established on-demand apps that have made a name worldwide.

Application of On Demand Apps

There is not just one industry that benefits from these apps. Many industries are already benefiting from them and more and more are exploring this option. You can get anything delivered to your doorstep be it beauty products, electronics, consumer items, groceries, medicines, food delivery etc.

Not only products, several services are also provided through apps like beauty, car wash, freelance work, home renovation etc. There are two types of applications; local and worldwide.

The local services are limited by geographical boundaries. Applications that offer parlour services at home or deliver food may operate in one city or a few nearby cities. On the other hand, big car rental services like Uber etc and even huge stores like Amazon are not restricted to a geographical area. They are operational worldwide.

What Features Make an On Demand Mobile App the Best?

With several on demand mobile apps existing and many more joining the list, you need something to stand out from the crowd. As customers, look out for these features before you go ahead and select an app to use.

1. User-friendly

The app should be as simple as it can be. There should be no complicated interface. The login should be simple. The aim is to get the job done in the minimum number of overall clicks. So, the procedure of using it should be clean, neat and simple.

The speed should be excellent, don’t go for very heavy applications. High quality graphics or extra load in terms of high resolution videos are just going to slow down the speed of the app. In turn, it will make the user impatient and he/she might even delete the app altogether.

The idea is to give them all the information without overburdening them and making things difficult.

2. Easy Payment Process

As the on demand mobile apps always end up with a purchase or rental, there is going to be money involved. Provide many payment options to the users to select from. Even though it might seem hard to believe, but even now a large chunk of people are not comfortable with plastic money and believe in cash on delivery.

An app which has both credit card and cash on delivery option available will be a better choice than one that has either.

3. Option to Track

Having a real-time tracking option is imperative for better customer satisfaction. Most people I know want to keep track of where the parcel has reached. For this, mobile apps should allow people to track their purchases in real-time. Surely, this will boost their satisfaction and trust in the app.

In some cases, tracking is important. For example, if you have ordered a taxi, knowing where it is at is important. You don’t want to keep the taxi driver waiting if he comes knocking up the door 10 minutes before the expected time, do you?

In this case, it is also important for security purposes. Big apps like Uber allow you to send your ride details to loved ones so they can track and keep an eye on your whereabouts.

4. Multiple Options to Choose From

Mostly, the on demand apps have a lot of options/varieties you can choose from. In the case of food apps, the ones which give more options are better. What better than getting fast food, healthy food, bakery items, homemade food etc all under one roof? So, variety plays an important role in making an app hit or flop!

5. Economical for All

The variety of options to choose from allows people from all classes to enjoy and benefit from the apps. For example, Amazon has thousands of products in one category.

When you search for “fruit baskets” you can buy from different options. You can find simple, plastic ones for less than a dollar. On the other hand, you can also buy the most extravagant ones that are made from the most expensive wood with hand carvings for more than a hundred dollars.

Depending on your pocket, there is something for everyone in these apps if you choose the right one. Similarly, Uber allows you to choose from booking rides in luxury cars to go on a bike. It all depends on what you opt for.

Top 3 On Demand Mobile Apps Worldwide

Let’s talk about real-life examples of the 3 biggest on demand mobile apps that are a revolution in themselves. These and many more like them have already paved the way and established the on demand app mobile industry.

1. Uber

Uber has made life easier for the common man by providing taxi booking services to the fingertips of the users. It is a safe and secure means of travelling from one place to the other. Features like in-ride help service, ride tracking options, full information of the driver etc have made travelling alone as safe as can be. Moreover, the multiple vehicles to choose from has made it economical for all.

2. Airbnb

Based in California, Airbnb has brought about a revolution in the tourism industry. The idea behind it was to provide tourists with a homely environment while travelling. Not everyone likes to stay in hotel rooms on tour. These can be expensive and away from the hustle-bustle of life.

So, Airbnb stepped in and is providing lodging services in more than 200 countries in the world. This shows just how popular it is. It is safe as proper backgrounds checks are done and documentation is provided by the owners of these personal lodges.

3. Food Panda

A relatively newer application, Food Panda is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. It has expanded services to 23 countries and is not coming slow. Just as the name shows, Food Panda offers food delivery services. Not only does it deliver food, you can also get your groceries delivered from them. This saves you from the hassle of standing in long lines at odd hours.


Undoubtedly, on-demand mobile apps have seen a whopping growth in numbers this year and are expected to keep growing further. The reasons for this are already mentioned in detail above.

If you are a developer, investing in making an on-demand app is a good idea. You need to remember to make it efficient, safe, secure, easy to use, convenient and versatile.

The mobile app development companies can help convert your idea into a winning application. So, what are you waiting for?

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