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Business owners might be overwhelmed with daily tasks if they are too involved in doing a lot of work independently. It may appear beneficial for the time being. Still, for the perpetual growth of your business, owners need to peep into the option of outsourcing and work on potential partnerships along with an intelligent marketing strategy, as it will deliver much more than doing a lot of work on your own. 

According to Deloitte’s study, after the great recession of 2014, organizations and companies are more prone to outsource their jobs, and these companies have a much better growth rate. At the same time, another research conducted by Price-Water-House Cooper reveals that small to medium-sized companies who are involved in outsourcing grow better, faster, and generate more profit than those who don’t. 

Before we move to study the benefits of outsourcing for your business, let us have a quick overview of outsourcing to understand its true essence. 

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a widely adopted business practice that includes your contract with a third party to take care of your ongoing projects instead of adding in the number of employees and handing over those projects to newly appointed staff. 


It is a well-acknowledged way to shorten the operational costs and streamline your core business functions that directly relate to your business’s growth. Along these lines, let us see how outsourcing can extend your expertise and help you generate more leads. 

Outsourcing Extends Your Expertise. How?

Typically, outsourcing is not only a practice used to cut operational costs. However, it also plays a vital role in extending your business expertise. Let’s understand how it happens:

1. Improving In-House Expertise

For most organizations, outsourcing is not only about transcending costs, but it also incorporates candidate experience, brand, diversity, accessibility, technology, total accessibility, and other market insights. 


The COVID-19 disaster is a long way from being over, and businesses have started thinking about their future, from the long-term to the short-term future. Meanwhile, companies will unsurprisingly begin to consider their talent acquisition systems’ suitability as companies look to some healing. Many will think about the likely advantages of outsourcing a portion of their resourcing needs.


Likewise, talent acquisition outsourcing has expanded its domains from merely a lower operational cost tool to a holistic approach to improving in-house expertise. According to studies, it has been seen that companies are more open to outsourcing jobs in which they do not have expert services.


The purpose of this outsourcing is to get the job done as well as to develop in-house expertise by analyzing an expert’s approach to deal with that particular type of project. 


Inarguably, it might be intended to minimize the projects’ operational costs, but the core perspective of outsourcing now revolves around building and improving in-house expertise. 

2. Improve the Quality of Service Provided

Let’s understand this point with an example. Recently, there has been a persistently increasing trend of outsourcing human resource services to external consultancy specialized in HR management. The intention behind this move is to provide employees with the best possible services. 


A small and newly established business will not set up a highly specialized human resource management system. Without an effective HR management system in line, it is more likely that the business will collapse. To avoid any uncertain situation, small companies outsource their human resource management services to an expert consultancy or an individual. 


Secondly, allowing another party to make recruitments on your behalf will undoubtedly add value to your experience of hiring a good professional who is perfect for the job. 


At the same time, an expert human resource management company can better understand and meet your employees’ demands in your organization. That is how you will also be developing expertise to address employees’ problems and propose a sustainable solution. 

3. Ability to Focus on Core Business Functions

Being an owner of the company, focusing on the core business functions is the most significant part of your day. It wouldn’t certainly be possible if you remain busy with some other stuff that is of less importance. 

Technically, working ‘IN’ your business might bring you a timely benefit, but working ‘ON’ your business paves the way for perpetual help for your business. Here and now, the most significant role is played by outsourcing. 

Having outsourced a potential project of your favorite client will surely not harm your reputation but provide you with an excellent opportunity to look into your business’s core functions and develop your expertise in the traits of greater significance. 

For instance, you may utilize that time to pair up your partnership with a potential brand, or you can engage more clients in that time. 

Scope of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a crucial element that is causing freelancing platforms to generate millions of dollars in revenue. USA and Canada are giant economies globally, and both of these countries outsource governmental and defense needs.

Moreover, in other regions of the world, Government, Banking, Telecom, and Mass Transit are the projects that are outsourced to a third party by the administrations. 

Therefore, it is obvious now that not only organizations or industries are open to outsourcing, but even states are also involved in outsourcing their core projects. 

To further clarify the importance of outsourcing for your business, here are some statistics associated with it:

  • Approximately around 300,000 positions are outsourced to a second or third party every year. 
  • In the year 2018, the global market size of outsourcing was about $85.6 billion.
  • 59% of the businesses utilize outsourcing to lower operational costs and develop intra-organizational expertise. 
  • 65% of the companies using outsourcing believe that they would increase their outsourcing potential in the future. 


Outsourcing has a directly proportional relationship with an increase in your business expertise. It needs to be understood by the business owners that outsourcing is a catalyst that opens new gateways for your businesses to get succeeded. 

Despite putting your efforts into meeting targets, it will be a much better approach to only focus on significant business traits. Using this approach, you wouldn’t only engage more leads, but you will also have a well-organized and well-performing system.

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