8 Reasons Why Website Development is Important for Business

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8 Reasons Why Website Development is Important for Business

Adaptation is the essence of human beings. The best thing about us is that we are quick to accept and adapt to change. When the technological revolution came, we adapted. When the cell phone came, we adapted. There is no denying the fact the life has become digitally-driven and we are highly dependent on the internet for most things now.

In this era, saying that businesses don’t need an online presence in the form of a website is almost stupid. Website development is surely essential if you want to scale your business. To get more business you need to be heard. With traditional methods, you are limited. With a website, your potential customer is the World. It is a window for your business.

More than 93% of people do an internet search as the first step for looking for a product or service. So, if a business does not have a website presence, it is losing out on that 93% of potential customers. The reason for this is the convenience the internet offers. You can search thousands of products, compare prices and products/services and read customer reviews before making a decision.

Now there are many companies and agencies which provide services for website development. To make a solid presence, you need to conduct research and recruit the best person to help you in website development.

Apart from visibility, there are many other reasons why it is important to have a website for your business. Even though discussing all of them in a limited space is not possible, the major 8 reasons have been discussed below.

8 Reasons Why Website Development Is Important For Business

1. Increased Discovery

Almost 60% population of the world is using the internet. According to Statista of 2020 April, 4.57 billion people (59.5% of the world population) are using the internet actively. Only in the USA, almost 87% of the population are using the internet for various purposes.

The biggest advantage a website gives you is higher discovery. If you tap in the right keywords, you are going to attract a greater number of customers. The more people who know about your business, the more chances there are of your products and services selling.

If you don’t have a website, you will be limited by geographical and financial boundaries. Only people who you can reach out to will be knowing about you. A website will make your business easily accessible to everyone. Everything about your business and products/services should be showcased and the purchase process should be made simple for potential customers.

2. Increased Credibility

The first question for people who walk into a store is to ask if the business has an official website. We don’t realize this but customers have become smart. They do proper market rekey before coming to a decision. The easy excess of information on the internet has made it easier for them to research and do their homework.

To be honest, people don’t think the business that doesn’t have an official website is even credible and true. Having a website allows them to see what you have to offer, compare products with others and make a purchase right there and then.

In today’s time, a website shows professionalism. If a business does not have a website, I would also consider it to be unprofessional. You are not providing your customers with the convenience and ease of contacting and dealing with you. It seems the business is not making an effort.

3. Showcase Services and Products

A website makes it easy for the business as well as users. Visual presentation attracts customers and looks appealing. No one wants to sit down and read chunks of information about the products and services a business is offering. More important to startups, visually presenting your products leaves a better impact on the audience.

With a website, you have greater creative freedom to express and show your product/service however you want. Tutorials, PDF instructions, pictures, videos, infographics, the choices are unlimited. Undoubtedly, the sky is the limit when it comes to it. Once a user is attracted to the display, there is a greater chance that you will be able to convert him/her into a loyal customer.

4. Make It To Search Engines First Page

Website development is not an isolated event. You should not develop a website just for the sake of it or to SHOW people that you have an official website. Efforts need to be made to optimize it for SEO purposes. Once you make it to the first page of any search engine like GOOGLE, there is no turning back.

Traditionally, we used to do proper background checks before purchasing anything. Newer startups and businesses hardly made it big. Only the well-established brands and businesses would generate profits as there was an element of trust and credibility. Now, this does not happen. Whenever you hear about a new business, the first thing you do is to GOOGLE it. If a website is on the first few pages of GOOGLE, it is reliable.

Having a highly SEO-optimized website will allow you to become more popular and famous amongst people.  Many people don’t even go to the second page of search engines and only open websites that appear on the first page of search engines.

5. Online Marketing

With a website, online marketing will become easier. Print forums are still around like flyers, prints ads etc. But, they cost a lot and are not effective as the digital marketing methods. The simple reason is that the number of digital users is much higher than people who go for print media. Online marketing is cheaper and more effective.

Even though having a website is not necessary for online marketing, but it helps a lot. You can do various collaborations with other brands and can come together for advertisement purposes. You can be utilizing channels like blogging, Youtube, social media etc. Once people come across your advertisement, where will you be directing them?

Of course, there should be some website where they are redirected once they click on ads or videos of blog links. Having a strong, SEO optimized website will help you convert clients faster.

6. Track Competitors

All your competitors have their websites. As cliché as it might sound, it makes a lot of sense. You are not the only business of your kind in the market. You can claim to have the most unique and different product and still there will be hundreds (if not thousands) of businesses selling similar products like the ones you have.

These businesses might have established websites that have been running for many years. They might have developed a loyal customer base and might already be benefiting from online searches.

This does not mean you can’t compete with them. The beauty of competition online is that you can make or break a business overnight. Do proper research before going online. See what the competitors are offering, what keywords they are profiting on, how they are portraying their products and services and who their customers are. If done properly, all this can be used for your benefit.

Constant updates are important to keep the audience hooked. If you don’t change the layout and content of the website and add in new features regularly, the audience can get bored easily and leave your webpage to visit someone else.

7. Links

Having a good website with authoritative and reliable content, information about different goods and services can make you come across as an information source. Your website will start getting recognition in the community as being authoritative and people will link with you. Maybe someone is happy with the product they purchased from you.

What they will do is write a review on their social media profile and link it to the product page of your website. This will help in expanding your market value and you will make a better name. Potential clients will visit your website through the social media profile of their friends or family (person who has mentioned your website) and there is a chance of a higher conversion.

8. Market Expansion

Lastly, the opportunity for market expansion is immense. There are going to be no geographical, cultural or legal barriers. Any person sitting anywhere in the world can purchase or access your website and benefit from the content on it. All a person needs is internet access and you are good to go.


If you want to make a global impact with your business, it is essential to have a website. With the 8 points discussed above, we have concluded that website development is integral to the success of any business. Having an online presence allows for establishing credibility and gaining a greater client base.

Remember, all these things will make you successful only if you are offering quality products and services. Having the best website will allow you to gain the first few clients. But when they use your product/service and it is not up to the mark, they will not continue to buy from you.


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