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Undoubtedly, mobile usage is one curve that has not gone down since the inception of mobile phones. Throw in the COVID 19 pandemic, and you have yourself a further boom in its usage because now even people who did not use it as much have no other option while sitting home.

Literally everything from schooling, offices, entertainment, shopping etc has gone online. According to statistics, almost 89% of the time spent on the internet is through mobile applications [1] in 2021 alone, it is predicted that almost 196 billion applications will be downloaded on play store and 42 billion on Apple App Store.

For this reason alone, developers are working around the clock to improve mobile app development and new trends like 5G are making things quick, fast and easy. Moreover, our society has become hooked to mobile apps; why not give them the best they deserve?

Pandemic or no pandemic, mobile app development has been increasing over the years. The reason for this is simple; there is greater demand for these applications because of the ease of use for the users. It has been seen that people open one app more than 40 times in a day.

The boom in technology has made app development much easier. You will see millions and millions of apps on your smartphone. You can get an idea by typing “cake making” and you will see so many options that will confuse you.

It is imperative to know how to make your app different from the rest so it stands out from the crowd. For this, check out the top 5 trends that are going to shape the mobile applications industry in 2021 and for years to come. If followed properly, these trends are going to help you develop apps that are going to be profitable as well as user-friendly.

5 Mobile App Trends in 2021

1. 5G Technology

Brace yourself. Just like human evolution, technology is evolving (and at a much faster rate). In no time, we are going to step into the world of 5G technology. Did you think 3G and 4G were limited to only the speed of your internet connection? No, 5G is not only going to revolutionize the speed of the internet, but it is going to be a breakthrough for mobile app developers.

The latency of 5G is going to be phenomenal. We react to things in almost 300 milliseconds. On the other hand, 5G has a latency time of less than 1 second. This means you can surf the internet in less than a blink of an eye.

High bandwidth, low latency and excellent connection density are going to shape the mobile app world in a way we can’t even imagine yet. Wireless health, driverless cars and Augmented Reality are just some things to look out for.

Another biggest advantage is that the shorter wavelength and better radio frequency will allow for excellent geofencing and geotargeting which will reshape the application development for mobile phones.

2. Wearable Technology

Fitbit has brought about a revolution in terms of wearable technology. This does not only include the smartwatches you wear for keeping note of your calorie intake or steps you have taken, it is much more than that. You have smart glasses, rings and even tattoo wearable technology.

What does it do? These are electronic devices that can be worn on a person. This includes the most obvious places like wrist, face etc or embedded in the person’s clothing. They are gadgets that are hands-free and consist of a microprocessor that receives and sends data through the internet.

You must now be thinking about how this is related to the app trends? Because of the high-speed and fast data transfer, microprocessors and even the boom in mobile usage, this technology is becoming common.

In no time, people are going to expect different mobile apps to run smoothly on wearable items. This calls for some hard work. It is an untapped market that can help make profits of millions if done properly.

So, app developers need to configure their apps in such a way that they run seamlessly on wearable devices too. This can be challenging, but not impossible. After all, the transition from the supercomputer to the laptops of today was not imaginable at that time too.

3. Beacon Technology

Now that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the “new thing”, beacon technology is making a comeback. Everything in our life is becoming streamlined because of technology. Beacons are actually radio transmitters (with a little circuit board) that send only a one-way signal to some other device. The important thing to notice here is that beacons only work in near-proximity areas.

The functioning is simple; small transmitters are used to transfer the information about products/services/offers/deals to the user’s smart devices. This leads to efficient and effective location-based marketing.

This allows app developers to give the users a very personalized experience. An example of this is the “push notifications” you get. Even though it has evolved, most people are still unaware of this technology.

Retailers, businessmen, the e-commerce industry and others are using this to increase customer engagement with their brand/product. Because of the advantages of it, we are going to see a lot of apps with beacon technology coming out in the market. When integrated with the mobile apps, it is going to make the marketing campaign accurate, precise and effective.

4. On Demand Apps

Are you tired of trying to find the number of the pizza guy around the corner? Got the number but still waiting for your call to be picked? No one wants to go through the headache of waiting. People now want everything to happen quickly with the minimum amount of effort from their side.

This is the reason why on demand apps have gained popularity in the past few years and is still going strong. Now, you don’t need to worry about looking through brochures of different restaurants to choose what good you want to order, you can easily hop on Foodpanda and order whatever you want to. Similarly, applications like Uber not only let you safely book a ride, but you can even schedule rides ahead of time and even in other countries.

New trends, new technologies and new demands are making the demand for these applications increase. So, the year 2021 is going to see an increase in these types of apps.

5. Bots

Right now, the trend of incorporating chatbots in mobile apps is not very common. Companies try to provide the option of virtual assistants for the ease of the users. But, the trend is going to shift this year. After Siri, Cortona and Alexa, bots are on the rise. So much so, these are being considered mobile apps in themselves.

Bots are already helping brands/companies connect with their users seamlessly and effectively. Most users have a better experience with bots when compared to the virtual assistants in mobile apps. After all, you can’t match human intelligence with artificial intelligence, can you?

Bots reduce the risk of human error and the repercussions companies can face because of those errors. With bots dealing with the users, there is almost zero percent chance of any error occurring because of lack of knowledge. The bots are run through AI (artificial intelligence) and have the best technology behind them.


Even though we have talked about the top 5 trends in mobile apps and app development for the year, we will share a bonus tip. Predictive Analytics is one thing that needs to be looked into closely during when it comes to mobile apps.

This means that through available and historical data, you can predict how a user is going to act. For example, before a big game, it has been seen that more and more people order food online or through different food delivery apps. This means that the app can PREDICT when sales of a product/service are going to be in demand depending on the historical data.

This information can be critical when it comes to adding new features or removing the old ones from the app. In the example discussed above, you can offer some coupons or discounts when the game season is about to come. This is known as predictive analytics and can help your app gain popularity.

If you give the users exactly what they want, they are going to be happy and satisfied. A happy customer means more profits.


Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world right now. With breakthroughs like wearable technology, the entire app development is going to change. Desktops are moving towards becoming obsolete; smartphones and smart devices are the “new thing”. Apps should be made extra light keeping in mind that they are going to be used on these devices.

Moreover, digital transformation is at its peak and new trends and technologies are shaping the development of mobile apps worldwide.

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