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Website Type: Web Application

Building Platform: ReactJS, Python, Django, RabbitMQ, ECS

Customer: Cannot Disclose

Link to website: None

Cloud AutoML
Google BigQuery

The Project

Due to client request we will not name this project.

This client needed a web app to handle traffic from thousands of students from a wide range of universities, institutions and countries. Their core unique selling point was to use social network features to make learning more friendly, engaging and inclusive for people from all walks of life.

To really stand out, they needed a team that could provide smart intellegence features which was powered by AI (Artificial Intellegence) integration.

The Result

Excercise Recommendations
– Our AI recommends specific exercises to the different chapters of your course, so it isnt such a jungle to pick between our 55+ different templates. It gives you confidence in knowing when to pick journaling, debates, a multiple choice quiz, brainstorming or even roleplaying.

Meta-tagging of all content
– We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to meta-tag and catalog all uploaded content. That helps you keep tracking of waht users learn, and help us automatically transfer their activities onto their personal profile.

Auto-generated excercise content
– Making exercises has never been easier. Now, our AI even generates an excercise description for you. Not sure how to inspire learners to pick up journaling? What are best practices for refelection exercises? Don’t worry, we got your back and support you through the entire exercise creation process.

AI powered chatbot
– Support from simple chatbots has always had more negative effects than good. We set out to provide users with the best experience and support possible. The first step in achieving this was to be able to provide quick support for simple requests. We did this by creating a chatbot with a human touch to it.

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