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How a Custom Web App Can Improve User Experience (UX)

Around 59% of the global population has internet access and uses the internet actively. This fact indicates that a good web presence for your business is very important. Meanwhile, custom website applications streamline the whole process to provide your business with all the necessary features required to run it online smoothly.


According to the research, 48% of the respondents believe that website design and user experience are the most important factors in establishing a business’s credibility. As indicated by another study conducted on why people reject or mistrust a website, 94% of respondents do this because of bad website design and user experience. Only 6% of the respondents responded with issues other than website design. 


Along these lines, here, we will discuss how a customized website application can improve the user experience on your website. Before narrating the importance of a custom web app, let us first understand its meaning.

What Are Custom Web Applications?

Custom web applications are complex algorithms used to capture, process, design, and store data. Login forms and shopping carts are two glaring examples of custom web applications, and both features are very basic examples or applications of custom web apps. A custom web app is a sort of web application that can perform explicit business activities. Your application will be developed as per specific business operations, unlike all traditional applications.


Custom web apps are effectively versatile and scalable, and you can add new features as your business grows and will not need to stress over costly license purchases. Besides, they can save you a great deal of money over the long run since you will own your application and not need to pay for licensing packages.


For example, you have a touring company and want to sell tickets to tourists, and the custom web application can help you sell your tokens directly to the tourists through your website. All inventory data regarding the selling of tickets will already get saved in your custom web app, and the process will go smoothly unless the tourists get their tickets.


Let’s take another example. When we develop a web application for a weaver to assess a design in a specific fashion, it refers to the custom web application. Moreover, custom web applications possess primary importance in improving user experience (UX) on your website. Let us see how does it happen.

A Custom Web App Improves User Experience (UX)

You might have heard about the importance of custom web applications, but you are not sure if it is essential for you or not. So, let us explain why custom web applications are necessary for your business and how they are beneficial:


1. Accessibility of Your Platform


Business systems created using web applications are web-based, and they can get accessed 24/7 with the availability of an internet connection. Also, they are entirely flexible to be reached out using any device or browser.


Custom web applications, when compared with desktop-based software, a huge difference can be observed. For instance, when desktop-based software requires updating, every single device in which the application is installed will need to update the application. This task is usually the staff’s responsibility, and during these times, visitors might go back from your website that will damage the user experience.


When it comes to the custom web application, the update automatically rolls out across all the devices using that specific application. That is how custom web applications improve user experience since they can access your platform at any time when they want.


2. Easily Customizable and Scalable 


It might be the case that your website design or user interface is not up to the mark, but leaving it as it is can worsen the condition. With off-the-shelf software, this is one of the most common problems that clients find them hard to grow and integrate with their business.


But the custom web application is specifically made to keep your business needs into consideration, and it is highly scalable to your business’s growth and all its demands.


On the other hand, customization to web applications might include your branding and changing levels of customer engagement. By only integrating the highly relevant features to your business, you can avoid wasting a lot of considerable time and divert your visitors directly to the information that led them to your website.


Diverting visitors to their primarily required information will hugely better the user experience, and it will be more likely for them to get convinced and buy your product or service.


3. Improved Efficiency of Your Platform


Having multiple versions of spreadsheets is not only a hugely time-consuming process, but it can also make your business vulnerable to human errors that are not easily perceptible unless considerable damage is created.  


Paradoxically, the custom web applications assist you in streamlining all your business processes. That is how you can do more work in less time with greater accuracy. In addition to it, having all your important data managed in one place helps you access it readily, freeing up your staff’s time and analyzing reports that need to be updated with real-time information.


Here in all this process, you get an opportunity that can provide you with the behavioral patterns from customers on your website, and you can improve the user experience on your platform by taking care of that information.


4. Improved Level of Security 


A damaged or stolen computer can be the real anguish and time-consuming with desktop-based software. It might leave all your sensitive data at stake and require you to contact your software provider and request them to reinstall the software on your new device.


Nevertheless, with the custom web application, the data is stored in the cloud. So, you have the backup of everything you might need in case of any damage to your computer. With the help of custom web applications, you can quickly come back to your business as usual.


Custom web applications are directed to store information on a remote service. In case of any unexpected incident, you can easily reach out to your platform from any device using your website’s URL, password, and username. You can instantly connect back to your business and continue to serve your customers.


In short, in case of loss of data, it can be easily acquired with the help of the cloud. This increased security and consistent service from your side will help you maintain the best user experience for your visitors and clients. If security is a major concern, we also have an article on Top 10 Plugins to help with your WordPress Security.


5. Automation of Repetitive Tasks 


The business flow requires data transfer that might get demanded more than once and can be a time-consuming and hectic process. However, this is a serious problem associated with desktop-based software.


With the streamlining of a custom web application, there remains no need to repeat the process manually and upload the data again and again. Similarly, to facilitate employees, custom web applications automatically allocate tasks based on the employer’s instructions.


Although this is not an exact factor that adds to the convenience of customers, it facilitates employees and saves a lot of time for them, and they can better allocate their time to respond to the quarries of their clients.


6. Creation of Unique and Purpose Oriented Website 


With different types of website builders like WordPress, you are provided with different themes, and you can apply them to build your website. The question arises, do you like the themes offered by website builders? Do the provided pieces match the nature of your business?


If not, of course, it will be a bad deal to crack. The website design, user interface, and user experience of the website might not match your business, and it could be a negative point instead of a positive one.


In contrast, custom web applications eliminate this problem, and your site is created exactly in the pattern in which you want it to be. Provided that the design got solely and specially made for you, and there will be no chance for another website to look exactly like your website.


Typically, custom web applications can understand the nature of your business, and the final product offered by the custom web application is highly related to your business. The website you set visibly differentiates your brand from others and facilitates you to grow better than your competitors.


7. Easy Navigation 


Custom web applications allow users to navigate your website instantly. Within a little time, users can see the information on your website for which they search it. This instant access to the most relevant information adds a huge value to your brand. Ultimately, with an improved user experience, there can be a great increase in your potential audience that could get converted to potential customers.


For businesses, custom web applications are a true game-changer because they facilitate enterprises to automate their workflow, power to grow in real direction, ultimate security for data, and improved user experience. These features are much more worthwhile than other commercial software that are ready-made and are too vulnerable against unauthorized intrusions. To convince you of the superiority of custom web applications to improve user experience, we have put together some points in this article.

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